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Claudia Rodriguez
Team Leader
We deliver the ultimate level of service and marketing expertise to the luxury residential real estate market in South Florida. In addition, through her proprietary nationwide broker networking, Claudia carved out a large niche which helped entertainers and celebrities with their real estate needs around the nation. Claudia’s excellent reputation in the industry and referrals from existing clients are the foundation upon which her business has been built. Her career in real estate began when she “flipped” her first investment property at the age of twenty one. Claudia garnered her first six-figure commission check while still being a student. Graduated in Interior Design with a 4.0 grade average. Residential Division includes day to day operations, marketing initiatives, recruiting and training. Working with sales organization to develop compensation plans and program initiatives to drive volume growth, profitability and overall sales productivity. She takes a strategic approach to new home sales and marketing, by removing the mystery and adding new levels of confidence and predictability.

Catalina Rodriguez
Whether you are buying, selling, or investing; You need the experience, knowledge and assistance of a real estate expert who can offer you reliable real restate advice. Catalina, graduated from The Art Institute of Culinary Arts in Fort Lauderdale in 2001. She began her career as a Chef in Sugar Artist, and worked with Master Pastry Chefs, Frederick Monett and Carlos Maike. Her love for baking continued, and now owns her own online baking shop. While doing her Master’s in Business at the American Intercontinental University, Catalina began selling her pastries to local gourmet specialty shops in town. By the time she graduated with her MBA, she was offered a job as the director of a well known company. This led her to a different field.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Executive Director
Being a Commercial Pilot in the Aviation industry for many years, I had the opportunity to use the web and external relations to bring in new and manage current business. I was able to create a stronger brand with the use of these new relationships. I garnered new opportunities and learned to develop plans that would bring clients closer to their goals.
This new era of technology has allowed me to incorporate a more strategic direction into attaining these goals and executing objectives.
With my experience in the aviation industry and in the international Real Estate field I can ensure that the expectations of my clients are met with accuracy and time efficiency. 



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