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Whether you are an experienced home owner or looking to get your first home, you will benefit from knowledge and experience.  We can help you understand what it takes to buy a home, but also walk you through the whole end-to-end home buying process. You owe it to yourself to be well informed and to have a Realtor on your side, so stop waiting and let us guide you through this. We can put you in contact with on for more great lenders.  Once you know what you can afford, we will help you find it.  We won’t leave your side until the exciting day you receive the keys and enter your new home as its owner. 

First time buyers:

When does it make sense to buy?  When you have reasonable credit and expect to stay in the area for three or more years.  If you fulfill these requirements, then you may be asking yourselves, why should I buy?

Tax Deductions: Many people don’t realize that mortgage interest and property taxes can be deduced from your income tax and can actually add to a real bonus at tax time.

Equity:  This builds wealth for the future in two ways.  First, the amount you owe on the mortgage decreases each month as you make payments. Second, your home is very likely to increase in value.  The important thing here, is that this is wealth you can claim later by selling or refinancing.  To put your mind at ease, the housing market is steadily rising so it is in your best interest to buy if you are eligible. 

Freedom to be creative: Remember the days where you had to ask the landlord for permission to make alterations, changes, hang up paintings, or paint a wall a new color? well you can say goodbye to them.  You have free range and power to do with your home as you please.  Whether you want to color a room red and another gold, or hang up elizabethan era chandeliers, or tear down a wall to make two rooms into one large one, by all means do it.  Turn your home into your dream home.  

There is no need to wait to begin the hunt for your home.  You have nothing to lose.  Whether you are looking for your first home, your last home or something in between, our resources will help you along your way.  Contact us so we can quickly start your journey into home ownership. 

Get Pre-approved:

First things first, you need to determine what you can afford.  Second, you need to get pre-approved for a loan.  To get pre-approved you need to contact your local bank or mortgage company but you need a few things to get approved.  Items you should have include:  good credit, stable employment history, a positive debt-to-income ratio and document of your assets.  Pre-approval needs to be done before you begin looking for a home. 


For most families, choosing a new home is the biggest financial decision they will ever make.  Not only economically, but also because a list of priorities must be made and that is never easy.  What is important in a home for one family, is not the same for another.  Some families want a home with a pool, others want a lake. Some families would rather have a big yard because they have dogs.  In all situations and for all families, one thing remains constant.  They need a real estate agent who is not only an expert in the market, but an agent who will seek out homes filled with the families most cherished priorities.   

Here at CJC Real Estate Group we pride ourselves on putting our client’s wishes first.  Next, we negotiate the best prices and terms, and always answer your questions as they arise.  Our experience and expertise in the Southeast Florida Market will be used to your best interest through the negotiation process, so that in the end the only thing you need to worry about is how to decorate.   


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